Providing Liquidity in Fiat Currency
Imagine for a moment a currency exchange desk in the center of Paris. Everyday it must be prepared to handle thousands of conversions. Dollars→Euros, Euros→Dollars, Pounds→Euros, and dozens of other global currency combinations. How does that foreign exchange desk keep enough Euros, Pounds, and Dollars on…

By Kyle Kesses

Today I cleaned the downstairs of the house in advance of Christmas Eve guests. In the process I thought about my grandmother and then wrote a story about her.

An hour later, my parents showed up and re-cleaned some of the same areas I’d just worked on…

The Founding Fathers of Climate Change

By Kyle Kesses

A few weeks ago I covered an event in New York City called “Climate Emergency.” Bill McKibben was the featured speaker. It turns out that his 1989 book “The End of Nature” was one of the first public-facing documents to detail…

Kyle Kesses

Writer, video-maker, and voice artist. Wrote and voiced an Emmy-winning documentary series for the New York Yankees. Literate in virtual reality production.

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